Sensor Based Water Leak Detection Systems

Sensor based water leak detection alarms work by using one or more of spot sensors, probes, sensor cable or distance measuring cable to identify water pooling. When water is detected, this information is fed back to a central control panel which will act to stop water flow and/or raise an alarm. A sensor-based water leak detector can be single or multi-zone. Single- zone systems monitor one specific area, while a multi-zone system can monitor up to 500 separate areas.


Single Zone Water Leak Detection alarm System
  • Designed to continuously monitor for water leaks in single-zone, at-risk areas

  • When the sensor detects water, a localised audio alarm is activated and an LED is illuminated; other actions, such as sending a SMS notification, are also available

  • Can connect to a solenoid valve, enabling automatic water shut off in the event of a leak Monitors distances of up to 100m from the panel

  • A signal to a BMS can also be sent via a relay

  • This leak detection alarm can connect to a range of sensing technologies such as cables and water leak sensor probes; users are also alerted to any faults with water leak sensor equipment, including cable damage and broken connections

Example applications: Tea points, archive rooms, electrical switch rooms, boiler houses, plant rooms, main equipment rooms

EMS-5 & 10

MULTI ZONE water leak detectors
  • The EMS-5 and 10 water leak alarms are designed to detect water leaks in sensitive areas where high value equipment and/or data is present
  • Ideal for monitoring up to 10 individual zones
  • When the leak detector is triggered, an audio-visual alarm is initiated and the water leak alarm panel shows you where it is
  • Can connect to water leak sensor cables, probes and pads; users are alerted to any faults with sensor equipment, including cable damage and broken connections
  • A signal to a BMS can also be triggered via a relay
  • Can connect to a solenoid valve, enabling automatic water shut off in the event of a leak
  • Additional relays are also available, allowing for extra functionality tailored to specific zones

Example applications: Tea points, archive rooms, electrical switch rooms, boiler houses, plant rooms, main equipment rooms.

EMS-5x & 10x

expandable MULTI ZONE water leak detectors
  • New, sophisticated multi-zone water leak monitoring system

  • EMS multizone alarm panels are available in 5-zone, 10-zone and multi-zone configurations, expandable to simultaneously monitor up to 625 zones; ideal for commercial buildings of all sizes, industrial facilities and large, high-value residential property

  • Fully addressable system, including master panel, outstations and individual zones

  • Greater adaptability than many multi-zone systems on the market and configurable to provide a fully bespoke leak detection system

  • Offers an extensive level of functionality, on a zone-by-zone basis, and clear alert reporting

  • Touch screen graphical user interface, giving access to a range of live, real-time and historic system data

  • Modular design makes EMS is an ideal and cost-effective solution across a range of applications

  • Compatible with all Aqualeak water leak sensor cables and probes, as well as infrared, temperature and humidity sensors

Example applications: Archive rooms, comms rooms, computer rooms and large data centres, electrical switch rooms, boiler houses, plant rooms .

wras approved for inline leak detection

AquaGuard Dual

  • A cost-effective, hybrid water leak monitoring and protection device
  • Monitors the volume and time water passes through a pipe, comparing against adjustable thresholds to identify excessive and unexpected flow
  • Simultaneously monitors multiple water leak sensor devices (cable and/or probes) to detect the unwanted presence of water in at-risk areas
  • When a leak is detected by either method, a valve automatically and immediately closes and shuts off the water supply, minimising damage
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • ‘Holiday’ mode where water is automatically shut off after a pre-set period of time if no flow is detected
  • Most suitable for monitoring in new build residential property, ranging from individual houses through to multi-apartment blocks (typically one device per apartment)
  • Can be connected to a central BMS or send notifications of a leak when paired with an SMS unit
  • Can be surface or flush-mounted
  • Suitable for multiple pipe sizes
  • WRAS-approved


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