Aqualeak, a leading provider of leak monitoring and prevention solutions for residential and commercial property, is pleased to announce the launch of its range of new multizone water leak detection and monitoring systems, the EMS.


The EMS range includes three options – 5-zone, 10-zone and multi zone water leak detection, which can be expanded to simultaneously monitor as many as 625 zones. This modular design makes the EMS an ideal and cost-effective way to detect and alert to leaks across a range of applications, including commercial buildings of all sizes, industrial facilities and large, high-value residential property.  

The EMS water leak detector offers greater adaptability than many other multi-zone systems available on the market and can be configured to provide a fully bespoke leak detection solution to meet a customer’s specific requirements. Each zone can be independently configured to automatically trigger specific actions appropriate to that leaked zone, while the identities of individual detectors can be programmed to reflect real site-specific locations.

Our new EMS multi zone water leak detectors are fully addressable, including the master panel, outstations and individual zones. They deliver a number of key benefits to customers, including:

  • An extensive level of functionality
  • The capability to perform secondary actions as required, including programming relays to users’ specific requirements to perform particular actions
  • Clear, non-generic reporting which makes system status easier to understand and interpret
  • Access to a wide range of system data, making it easy to perform diagnostics and interrogate the system’s status

When water leaks occur, the control panel goes into alarm, this triggers an audio-visual alarm as well as activating other actions via ancillary items such as sounders, beacons, SMS diallers and automatic solenoid valves. Users are also notified of status updates via email, enabling the ability to monitor the system remotely.

The EMS water leak detectors incorporate a seven-inch touch screen graphical user interface, giving access to all live, real-time system data. As well as the touch screen, the EMS can be configured using a laptop, which enables greater scope for tailoring the system to the exact requirements of the customer. 

The EMS control panel has a two-tier access system – Level one user access and Level two engineer access, both of which are PIN-protected.  

The EMS is compatible with all Aqualeak water sensor cables, sensor tape and probes, as well as infrared, temperature and humidity sensors and float switches.

Other technical features include:

  • Extensive alarm log of up to [x] events and can be extracted and sent for remote assessment, if required
  • A range of versatile outputs for remote signalling and communications, including:
    • Modbus TCP/IP & RTU comms outputsaqaleak ems 5x and 10x multi zone leak detector
    • 10 x fully-programmable alarm relays.
    • 5 x system relays.
    • 5 x time-programmable latching relays
    • Selectable 24/12VDC output.
    • Selectable VDC output (outstation)
    • Local OC relay output (outstation)
    • Health, fault and alarm LEDs (outstation)
Commenting on the launch of the EMS, Steve Woods, Managing Director of Aqualeak, said:

“We have developed the EMS multizone water leak detection range based on our many years’ experience of supplying and installing large, multi-zone systems. Our customers are demanding ever-more adaptable and flexible solutions to protecting their properties against water damage and not a ‘one-size fits all’ system. The EMS now allows customers to monitor zones with the most appropriate products and connect them to an intelligent, central point that can quickly alert the user to a problem and take the necessary action. The EMS also has the capability to monitor other substance types other than water. All of this increases convenience for the customer, while also reducing cost.”

To learn more about the EMS range and how to buy, please contact: 

Andrew Jones

Marketing Manager, Aqualeak

+44 (0)1249 715 698/ +44 (0)7766 024 408  

About Aqualeak  

Aqualeak is a leading provider of commercial leak detection and prevention systems. Our products and systems are installed across a wide range of property types, including residential, commercial and industrial, protecting them from costly and disruptive water damage that can occur from burst and faulty pipework.

As an integrated water leak detection provider, we design, manufacture, supply, install, commission and maintain many of our own products and systems. This approach allows us to meet our customers’ specific needs and provide a comprehensive, quality end-to-end service. 

Our knowledge and experience of water leak detection and system design means we can work with customers to recommend the right solution for their application or project and provide excellent ongoing after-sales support. We have a proven track record of delivering systems for thousands of projects of all sizes and complexity.

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