Aqualeak EMS-5/10

multizone water leak detection system

The Aqualeak Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) Water Leak Detection System series are standalone leak detection systems designed to be capable of integrating into larger Building Management Systems (BMS) and networks, as required.

Designed for continuous operation with minimal human intervention, the EMS series is also compatible with a wide variety of sensing technologies (sold separately) to detect the presence of water and other liquids.

With 5 (EMS-5) or 10 (EMS-10) input channels as standard, the models are ideal for applications ranging from Data Centres, Main Equipment Rooms (MERs), Plant Rooms and Comms/Server Rooms.

This cost-effective multi-zone solution also requires no configuration for ease of installation and operation.

DOWNLOAD EMS 5/10 Datasheet as PDF




In operation, the EMS-5 and 10 models continuously monitor connected sensing equipment for both circuit integrity and the presence of water. If a leak is detected, the EMS-5 and 10 will or can be configured to:


In addition to EMS-5/10, the Aqualeak EMS series also includes the following models:


Master Panel/EMS UnitSpecification
Dimensions335 x 270 x 110 mm - Width x Height x Depth
Weight4.5 Kilograms
Supply Voltage80 – 264 VAC (Volts / Alternating Current). 50/60 Hz frequency
Motherboard Output Relay Voltage250 VAC
Motherboard Output Relay Current8 Amps. Maximum into resistive load
Relay Minimum Load10 Milliamps - at 5 VDC (Volts / Direct Current)
Detection Response Time1 second per Outstation
Alarm (Audible) and Alarm (Visible)85 Decibels within 0.6 m range; Visible via LED panel
Input channels5 or 10
Leader CableBelden 9534 - variable length
Operating Temperature0 to +50°C
Operating Humidity10 to 95% - Relative humidity (non-condensing) at 45°C
Operating Altitude0 to 3,000 Metres
Storage Temperature-20 to +70°C
Sensor Cable Length (per input
100 Metres (with maximum 20 probes). Use recommended yellow Sensor Cable. Also
requires End of Line (EOL) terminator.


RelayFunctionDescription and Triggers
1-10Individual zoneUsed to operate auxiliary devices
11Common Alarm / FaultRelay latched upon alarm until acknowledged by User or Engineer
Zone cable break
Zone Alarm
12Cable break Relay latched upon alarm until acknowledged by User or Engineer
Zone cable break
13AlarmRelay latched upon alarm until acknowledged by User or Engineer
Zone alarm
15WatchdogWatchdog Relay normally energised. De-energised on any system fault
Motherboard communication failure
Motherboard loss of power
Interface Board loss of power
Complete power failure to EMS
Interface Board communication failure
DOWNLOAD EMS 5/10 Datasheet as PDF

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