Residential Water Leak Detection

Aqualeak – Protecting all types of residential property against the risk of costly and disruptive water damage, while minimising inconvenience and emotional distress for homeowners, landlords and tenants.

Aqualeak offers systems that quickly and effectively identify when a leak occurs as a result of burst or faulty pipework, across all types of residential property.

Our flow monitor devices can be easily retrofitted in occupied properties with minimal disruption. Systems operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, giving you complete peace of mind that your property is being protected at all times, regardless of whether it is occupied or unoccupied.

Using volume and time thresholds, our devices detect unusual or unexpected flow of water and will trigger an automatic shut-off valve, reducing the amount of water that escapes from the pipe and the level of damage caused.

Our residential water leak detectors range from entry-level solutions that offer simplicity alongside excellent functionality, through to intelligent, connected devices that use a property’s typical water usage to learn suitable leak detection thresholds. Users can also have control and oversight of their leak detection system from anywhere in the world, including alert notifications and remote valve control via a web-based portal. Our connected system can now also be integrated with wireless sensor pads to detect small pinprick drips.

Our flow monitoring devices are also approved and recommended by many of the world’s largest insurance companies and meet the escape of water requirements of their policies.

Our most suitable systems for this application are outlined below:

aquasmart water flow monitoring device
wras approved product


WATER FLOW MONITOR or Flow based residential water leak detector
  • Our new, internet-connected, domestic water leak detection and prevention device
  • Better understanding of water consumption using intelligent monitoring via the Flow Reporter web app, an innovative smart metering and data analytics software technology
  • Adjustable flow and time thresholds, set according to typical water usage
  • Automatic water shut-off via a valve in the event that a leak is detected
  • Remote valve control via the Flow Reporter web app
  • Text message and/or email alerts direct to your connected device if thresholds are exceeded
  • Monitors real-time, daily and monthly consumption, to help users improve water efficiency, identify problems and save money on bills
wras approved product


WATER FLOW MONITORING domestic water leak detector
  • A market-leading inline residential water leak detection and prevention device

  • Specifically designed for installation in new build or retrofit residential applications

  • Monitors the volume and duration of water passing through a pipe, against pre-set thresholds to identify excessive and unexpected flow

  • If thresholds are exceeded, a solenoid valve will automatically close and shut off the water supply

  • Installed on the cold-water pipe, just after the stopcock

  • Operates using a roving handset, which can be battery or mains-powered

  • Allows for flexibility around different users’ varying water usage and can be manually over-ridden when necessary

  • Can also automatically shut off the water after a pre-set period of time if no flow is detected

Why do I need a Residential Water Leak Detector?

As well as the financial cost, there is also the emotional impact. Large leaks in your home can prove highly disruptive and may mean you have to move out of your home while drying and restoration takes place. Leaks can also cause the loss of irreplaceable or sentimental items that can be distressing.

But many leaks are manageable or even avoidable with the correct technology in place. Flow-based, residential water leak detection systems, like those above, work by monitoring variations in the movement of water through pipes using a sensor installed on your col water pipe, just after the stopcock. When abnormal flow is detected, a valve will automatically close, shutting off the water and minimising the extent of the damage to your property. Our devices can also make you aware of a problem in other ways, such as an audio alarm. Text messages and/or emails can also be sent to a smartphone, tablet or PC and, with a smart water leak detection device, you can also remotely control a valve from anywhere. These functions can be made available to more than one person too, making it easy for homeowners, landlords and property managers alike to act quickly to resolve a problem when a leak is detected.

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