Water Leak Detection Systems for Construction Sites

Aqualeak – Protecting properties from the earliest stages of construction against unwanted disruption from large leaks on-site

Aqualeak supply systems that can monitor multiple water feeds throughout the construction phase of a property’s development and significantly minimize the risk of catastrophic leaks during and outside of working hours.

Aqualeak has developed a water leak detection system specifically designed to help customers meet the Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG) ‘Managing Escape of Water Risk on Construction Sites’ industry best practice guidance.

Our system is capable of monitoring both temporary and permanent water feeds as construction progresses and will alert designated people on-site to any anomalies in flow that may indicate a leak, and take a mitigating action. Contact sensors can also be connected to provide an additional level of protection in vulnerable shell & core areas.

As well as monitoring for water leaks, our systems can help contractors manage water supplies on-site autonomously, including automatically shutting off feeds out-of-hours.

See more information about the CIREG best practice guidance, on the CIREG website.

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  • Designed to operate in accordance with the CIREG best practice guidance
  • Can monitor for anomalies in water flow, as well as autonomous valve closure at pre-set, adjustable times to mitigate against leaks on site outside of working hours
  • Suitable for monitoring both temporary, construction site water supplies, as well as permanent supplies in operational property
  • Can be recommissioned to help meet the requirements of other standards, including BREEAM WAT-02 and WAT-03 criteria, providing cost efficiencies
wras approved for inline leak detection
For smaller construction sites you could consider:

AquaGuard Dual

  • A cost-effective, hybrid water leak monitoring and protection device
  • Monitors the volume and time water passes through a pipe, comparing against adjustable thresholds to identify excessive and unexpected flow
  • Simultaneously monitors multiple sensing devices (cable and/or probes) to detect the unwanted presence of water in at-risk areas
  • When a leak is detected by either method, a valve automatically and immediately closes and shuts off the water supply, minimising damage
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • ‘Holiday’ mode where water is automatically shut off after a pre-set period of time if no flow is detected
  • Most suitable for monitoring in new build residential property, ranging from individual houses through to multi-apartment blocks (typically one device per apartment)
  • Can be connected to a central BMS or send notifications of a leak when paired with an SMS unit
  • Can be surface or flush-mounted
  • Suitable for multiple pipe sizes
  • WRAS-approved

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To understand the difference between the different technologies, how they work and where they are commonly used see our water leak detector overview page.