CIREG Water Leak Detection System

The water leak detection system below is specifically designed to meet the recommendations of the Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG) ‘Managing Escape of Water Risk on Construction Sites’ industry best practice guidance. Our CIREG leak detection system is capable of monitoring the flow of multiple water supplies from the same panel, as well as multiple contact sensors to provide an additional level of protection. The system is equally suitable to provide leak detection and monitoring at both the construction and operational phases of a property’s development.


  • Designed to operate in accordance with the CIREG best practice guidance
  • Can monitor for anomalies in water flow, as well as autonomous valve closure at pre-set, adjustable times to mitigate against leaks on site outside of working hours
  • Suitable for monitoring both temporary, construction site water supplies, as well as permanent supplies in operational property
  • Can be recommissioned to help meet the requirements of other standards, including BREEAM WAT-02 and WAT-03 criteria, providing cost efficiencies

What is the CIREG best practice guidance

Latest Recommendations

The recommendations made in the CIREG water leak detection guidance cover a number of areas, including, among others, the need for:

  • Greater attention to be paid to water risk management from the outset ofcireg logo a project, including design
  • The implementation of water management and emergency response plans
  • Greater quality control over the installation of plumbing systems

The guidance also makes a strong and clear call for the integration of construction site water leak detection technology from the earliest stage of a project. CIREG requests that, in all cases, designers should incorporate:

  • A means for detecting if water is flowing when it should not be (escape of water)
  • A means for rapidly shutting down the system when escape of water is detected

This can include the installation of flow detection/monitoring and water management devices for temporary water leak detection and permanent works water services being used during construction, with the ability to immediately shut-off water if an issue occurs.  

Recommendations for temporary water leak detection:

  • Should be switched off outside working hours
  • Should have a flow management device installed on the main temporary water supply and, if a booster set is required, between the booster pump and any water tank.
  • Water leak detectors should be set up to operate autonomously, shutting off the system outside of working hours, monitoring flow during operation and shutting off the system in the event of abnormal flow on construction sites.

Recommendations for permanent water services:

  • Should be isolated when the building is unattended
  • Automatic flow monitoring and shut-off valves should be installed in locations such as at the mains water inlet, before any booster pump set and on each floor

You can view the full guidance on the CIREG website.

To understand the difference between the different technologies, how they work and where they are commonly used see our water leak detector overview page.

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