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Aqualeak launches new partnership in Ireland with Gas and Controls

Aqualeak launches new partnership in Ireland with Gas and Controls

Aqualeak, a leading provider of flow and sensor-based water leak detection and prevention systems for residential, commercial and industrial property, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Gas and Controls Limited (“Gas and Controls”), one of Ireland’s fastest-growing gas detection and environmental monitoring companies.

The partnership sees Gas and Controls become preferred and approved distribution and installation providers across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for Aqualeak’s full range of water leak detector systems.

Based 15 minutes from Belfast City Centre, Gas and Controls uses state-of-the-art gas detection technology and, as an established supplier in the gas detection industry, they provide unrivalled commissioning and maintenance service of gas safety systems throughout the UK and Ireland.

The company has gone through a period of sustained growth and is continually investing in its core business, offering clients unrivalled service and backup, committing to zero downtime.  As an established and recognised provider within the industry, Gas and Controls works with a range of leading manufacturers, offering industry solutions in gas detection, metering, regulators, portable monitoring, escape set servicing and water leak detection. The company has worked with Aqualeak since 2014, offering customers a strong portfolio of products. Alongside providing equipment, Gas and Controls has also provided clients with installation and on-site commissioning. The company also has a history of working with a range of well-known Contractors and Facilities Management companies within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Gas and Controls also has highly trained and competent staff providing over-the-phone support and offer advice on timescales of repairs and remedial work to minimise downtime for the end client.

Aqualeak’s range of systems includes flow-based devices for residential applications, as well as single and multi-zone sensor-based systems suitable for monitoring properties of all types and sizes. These systems identify leaks from burst/faulty pipework and ingress and takes immediate action to mitigate costly and disruptive water damage, through automatic shut off valves and early warning notifications. Aqualeak now also offers monitoring solutions for temporary water supplies used during the construction phase of a project, in-line with recent guidance from the Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG). Aqualeak also offers a range of products that meet BREEAM criteria.

Commenting on the partnership, Steve Woods, Managing Director of Aqualeak, said: “As we have seen in other countries, demand for water leak detection on new build and refurbishment projects across Ireland is growing rapidly. This is largely being driven by the insurance industry’s need to reduce the significant level of escape of water claims that has risen steadily in recent years for a variety of reasons. Gas and Controls’ in-depth knowledge of the market, strong reputation and relationships within the M&E engineering community and highly skilled and experienced team makes them ideal partners for us, to raise awareness of our systems in Ireland. We are really excited about the opportunities that working together will present.”  

Warren Kerr, Managing Director at Gas and Controls, said: “We are delighted to announce the new partnership with Aqualeak. We have worked with Aqualeak for a number of years and look forward to strengthening our existing relationship through a new partnership arrangement. As the demand for water leak detection is growing rapidly in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, Gas and Controls is uniquely positioned to offer our existing customers a class-leading product. Our relationships within the M&E construction sector, combined with local market knowledge, offer a unique synergy with the in-depth experience of the Aqualeak product portfolio. We are excited to be appointed the official sales and service point of contact in Ireland for a market-leading product in water leak detection.”

For further information on water leak detection and prevention for your property, or to learn more about our free, CIBSE-accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminar, please contact us on the details below.  



For further information, please contact:  

Andrew Jones


+44 (0)1249 715 698/+44 (0)7766 024408


Clive Dalgleish

Gas and Controls Limited

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About Aqualeak


Aqualeak is a leading provider of flow and sensor-based water leak detection and prevention solutions. Our products and systems are installed across a wide range of property types, including residential, commercial and industrial, protecting them from costly and disruptive water damage that can occur from burst and faulty pipework.

As an integrated water leak detection provider, we design, manufacture, supply, install, commission and maintain many of our own products and systems. This approach allows us to meet our customers' specific needs and provide a comprehensive, quality end-to-end service. 

Our knowledge and experience of water leak detection and system design means we can work with customers to recommend the right solution for their application or project and provide excellent ongoing after-sales support. We have a proven track record of delivering systems for thousands of projects of all sizes and complexity.

About Gas and Controls


Gas and Controls is one of Ireland’s fastest growing gas detection and environmental monitoring companies. Using state of the art gas detection technology and being an established player in the gas detection industry we provide unrivalled commissioning and maintenance service of gas safety systems throughout the UK & Ireland.

At Gas and Controls, we build gas detection systems to suit each customer’s individual needs, not simply packages off shelves. This ensures your gas detection system is fully compatible with the necessary gases and applications associated with your business. We want to ensure the safety of all individuals who operate gas detection systems directly and indirectly through ensuring systems are both compatible in meeting up-to-date health and safety legislation, that is maintained by our trained service engineers. 

We provide both fixed and portable equipment in order to meet any number of applications and health and safety requirements, and on top of this we can also supply supporting personal protective equipment and escape sets. We also offer flow and sensor-based water leak detection systems through Aqualeak. We are continually investing in our core business focusing on offering our customers an unrivalled product and service.

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