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Water Leak Detection for the Home

Water damage caused by burst or faulty pipes in your home can prove to be highly costly and disruptive. But many escape of water events are manageable or even avoidable with the correct technology in place. Flow-based water leak detection systems works by monitoring variations in the movement of water through pipes using a flow meter installed on your col water pipe just after the stopcock. When abnormal flow is detected, a valve automatically closes, shutting off the water and therefore minimising the extent of the damage to your property. It also triggers alerts such as an audio alarm, or text messages and/or emails to your smartphone, tablet or PC. With a smart water leak detection device, you can also remotely control your vale from anywhere in the world, as well as help you better understand your water consumption using our Flow Reporter web app.

The below devices are designed to monitor the flow in an entire property, making them ideal for installation in any type of residence. 





  • Our new, internet-connected water leak detection and prevention device
  • Better understanding of water consumption using intelligent monitoring via the Flow Reporter web app, an innovative smart metering and data analytics software technology
  • Adjustable flow and time thresholds, set according to typical water usage
  • Automatic water shut-off via a valve in the event that a leak is detected
  • Remote valve control via the Flow Reporter web app
  • Text message and/or email alerts direct to your connected device if thresholds are exceeded
  • Monitors real-time, daily and monthly consumption, to help users improve water efficiency, identify problems and save money on bills


Example applications: Houses, apartments, small commercial units – water consumption monitoring can be applied across all property types

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  • A market-leading inline water leak detection and prevention device
  • Specifically designed for installation in new build or retrofit residential applications
  • Monitors the volume and duration of water passing through a pipe, against pre-set thresholds to identify excessive and unexpected flow
  • If thresholds are exceeded, a solenoid valve will automatically close and shut off the water supply
  • Installed on the cold-water pipe, just after the stopcock
  • Operates using a roving handset, which can be battery or mains-powered
  • Allows for flexibility around different users’ varying water usage and can be manually over-ridden when necessary
  • Can also automatically shut off the water after a pre-set period of time if no flow is detected


Example applications: Houses, apartments, small commercial units

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Aquaguard - Flow based leak detectors from AqualeakWRAS-approved
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