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Say hello to the AquaSmart…

We are pleased to introduce the AquaSmart, our new, connected water leak detection and

The AquaSmartprevention device, with intelligent water consumption monitoring capabilities. 

The AquaSmart combines the industry-leading technical features of our AquaGuard flow-based system, with Flow Reporter, an innovative smart metering and data analytics software technology. The AquaSmart also has all the benefits that come from wireless connectivity,.

This next-generation device is ideal for installation across all types of property, including residential (individual or multi-occupancy) and commercial premises. It is also effective in helping provide landlords and facilities managers with an effective overview of a broader portfolio of properties.









The benefits 

Protect your property against costly and disruptive water damage

The AquaSmart uses flow meter technology to measure the volume and duration of water passing through a pipe, comparing it against limits that can be set using the AquaSmart Flow Reporter web app. If an unexpected flow of water happens and a limit is exceeded, a valve on the pipe will immediately and automatically close, shutting off the water supply. A text message or email alert will also be sent direct to the user’s connected device to warn of the problem.

Take control of your water, anytime, anywhere

Using the web app, a user can close the valve at the touch of a button, from anywhere in the world, in the event that they are away from their property and want to ensure no leaks occur. A holiday mode also allows users to tell their AquaSmart when they will be away so that alternative alert requirements can inform of flow in the empty property, helping to avoid any nasty surprises.

Get valuable insight into your water usage

Using the user-friendly ‘machine-learning’ Flow Reporter software, the AquaSmart analyses data to identify trends and patterns in water usage. By monitoring real-time, daily and monthly consumption, users can be more efficient about where and when they use water in their property. Potentially troublesome issues, such as leaking taps and overflowing tanks, can be identified before they become major problems.

Save yourself money 

Better understanding of water consumption helps users to reduce unnecessary wastage. By receiving reports of how much their water is costing gives users the opportunity to significantly lower water bills. Insurance premiums may come down too – installing a water leak detection and prevention device mitigates against the risk of an escape of water, something that insurers look upon favourably.

Be more environmentally-friendly

Avoiding leaks and other unnecessary water wastage helps to conserve one of the world’s most precious, and increasingly scarce, commodities.

For a full list of features of the AquaSmart, please click here.

If you would like more information on the AquaSmart, including how they can be purchased, please contact us using the enquiry form below, email or call us on +44 (0)1249 715 698.

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