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Flow-based water leak detection systems

Flow-based water leak detection systems works by monitoring variations in the movement of water through a pipe using a combination valve and flow meter. When abnormal flow is detected, the valve closes, shutting off the water and therefore minimising the extent of the damage. It also triggers an alarm to alert an individual or central building management system.



A simple, low-cost inline water leak prevention device for installation on the water supply connected to individual appliances such as washing machines or tea points. The AquaBlock is entirely mechanical, requiring no power supply, and works by measuring the amount of water that passes through it in a continuous flow. Should flow exceed the user-defined amount, the device will automatically shut off the supply, preventing prolonged escape of water. 

Example applications: Any plumbed-in appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers, water/tea points and ice makers.

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Aquablock - Flow based leak detectors from Aqualeak


An inline water leak detection and prevention device, the AquaGuard is a market-leading solution specifically designed for residential applications. It helps to protect property against a significant escape of water by monitoring excessive and unexpected flow rates over time. Installed just after the stopcock, the AquaGuard measures and compares the flow and duration of water passing into the property against user-defined settings. In the event that either setting is exceeded, a motorised valve will automatically close and shut off the water supply. The AquaGuard operates using a roving handset, which can be either battery or mains powered. This intelligent device allows for flexibility around varying water usage in different households and can be manually over-ridden to provide water for longer periods, should it be required for sprinkler systems, for example. As well as detecting excessive flow, the AquaGuard has a ‘holiday’ mode that will automatically shut off the water after a pre-set period of time if no flow is detected.

Example applications: Houses, apartments, small commercial units

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Aquaguard - Flow based leak detectors from Aqualeak


A domestic leak prevention device that monitors the amount of volume of water and time that continuously passes through it and shuts off supply should it exceed the user-defined settings. (between 15 minutes and 2-hour increments). The AquaStop also monitors the pressure from the incoming water supply and compares it to the pressure as it exits. If the outgoing pressure is lower, a leak is the likely cause and the solenoid valve closes. The AquaStop uses a mechanical, hydraulic flow timer, making it an ideal device for use in remote areas where power is limited.

Example applications: Houses, apartments, farms, caravans

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Aquastop - Flow based leak detectors from Aqualeak
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