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Water Leak Detector & Alarm Systems

Aqualeak are leading specialists in water leak detection and prevention.  Our products and services include the supply, design, installation and maintenance of a wide range of flow, sensor and distance measuring systems from  single zone water leak detector systems for the domestic market right through to complex multizone ones for commercial properties.  Whatever your requirement we have the expertise to protect your property from costly and disruptive water damage.

Flow, Sensor and Distance Measuring Water Leak Detectors

flow based water leak detection

Flow-based equipment works by monitoring the volume and length of time water is passing through a pipe.

The monitored flow is constantly compared to preset and adjustable thresholds which reflect a property's typical water usage.  When these thresholds are exceeded, the device assumes an escape of water incident has occurred, immediately and automatically shutting a valve, isolating the supply line from the water mains and minimising the leak .

Flow based water leak detection equipment is often recommended for retrofit residential and small commercial applications due to their ability to monitor an entire property for water leaks from a single point, and the relative ease of installation. View our range of flow based water leak detectors.

Sensor-based systems use a range of detectors, including cable and spot probes, connected to a central control panel.

sensor based leak detection for multiple zonesWhen the water leak detectors water sensor comes into contact with fluid, the panel goes in to alarm and triggers the selected actions via a series of relays.

The actions that take place when a leak is detected is varied. They include sending a direct alert, via text, email or telephone call, as well as connect to a Building Management System (BMS). Panels can also give audio visual alarms via a beacon or sounder.

The systems we offer can monitor for leaks in a single zone, such as a tea point or laundry room, through to multiple zones, ideal for installation across a multi-storey office building. In this type of application, a number of areas may require monitoring for leaks, including server rooms, plant rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, cleaner cupboards and beyond. See our range of sensor based leak detection systems.

Sophisticated distance measuring sensor-based water leak detectorsdistance measuring system

This equipment enables pinpoint detection of the location of a leak to +/- one metre, so users can identify the exact source of the problem and resolve it quickly. Our range of distance measuring panels can monitor for leaks along lengths of detection equipment running up to 3,000 metres, making it ideal for large, critical applications such as data centres. Our range of products can also operate as a standalone system or as part of a network of slave panels connected back to a central master control panel. This modular approach means a system is expandable and capable of monitoring large spaces across multiple floors, as required.  Learn more about Aqualeaks range of distance measuring leak detection systems.

The right system for the requirement

We're sometimes asked what's the best water leak detector?  The type you require typically depends on the type of property the system is being installed in, the number of zones that require monitoring, should it meet BREEAM requirements and the actions that you require the system to take when water leaks occur. However, leak detection equipment is not one-size-fits-all and Aqualeak, being a specialist in the supply of water leak detectors, recognise that each project is different.

Our highly experienced team work with customers - including developers , Mechanical & Electrical engineers, property and facilities management and individual homeowners - to help them design a system that meets their specific requirements.

Our team can review and mark-up project drawings, conduct site surveys and make recommendations to ensure the most effective solution, while navigating some of the challenges in incorporating leak detection equipment into a project's design. We have also developed an introductory guide to leak detection that can help you start the process, but to discuss your requirements in more detail, please email us or telephone 01249 715698 to speak to our team.

Aqualeak are leak detection specialists, as such we not only provide our customers with equipment and consultation, but also a range of associated services, including:

  • installation - our in-house team and network of approved installers are highly experienced in implementing systems
  • Maintenance - systems are not simply 'fit-and-forget' and require regular maintenance to ensure they are working effectively and detectors are free of damage
  • Commissioning - full system commissioning ensures that systems are working properly prior to handover
  • After-sales technical support - on-the-phone and email advice from experienced engineers
  • CPD - we offer a free-of-charge seminar covering an introduction to water leak detectors. This session is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). Find out more here

The cost of a system will vary depending on the level of monitoring required. However, as part of our consultation process, our experts ensure that we offer all of our customers the most cost effective solution for their specific requirements.

Taking care of the environment 

Water is an increasingly scarce resource in the world and is rapidly rising up the sustainability agenda as a major priority. Water leak prevention and detection technology is one part of the overall mix of measures by which unnecessary waste of water can be prevented. Systems can make buildings more environmentally sustainable and efficient, helping to protect one of nature's most precious resources, while potentially keeping your water bill down.. 

To speak to a leak detection specialist about your requirements or find out about our comprehensive services, send an enquiry or call on 01249 715698

As anyone without a water leak detector and who has had the misfortune to experience it will tell you, significant water damage to your property, caused by a burst water pipe or persistent leak, can be hugely costly, disruptive and stressful for all those involved, regardless of the type of property.

There is the tangible cost of the property damage - refurbishment and restoration, lost revenue and increased insurance premiums. But there are also the intangible costs - the inconvenience of relocating for a significant period of time, loss of priceless or sentimental items and the potential for reputational damage caused by business downtime.

Damage caused by water leaks is the number one cause of property insurance claims in the UK today, accounting for almost £1 billion last year, eclipsing other causes such as fire damage. And the risk is growing. A range of factors is driving the rise in serious water damage, including:

  • the increasing complexity of modern plumbing systems
  • the growing number of integrated, plumbed-in appliances
  • modern methods of construction and the use of less resilient materials
  • a rise in the popularity of push-fit pipes
  • ageing pipework in existing properties

By now your own insurance company will have recognised that installing a water leak detector can play a significant role in mitigating the risk of a leak from happening, minimising water damage and the associated costs they incur. Insurers are actively encouraging customers, both domestic and commercial, to implement Insurance approved leak detection systems.  In addition the Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG), an industry group of insurers and risk management companies, has issued best practice guidance on managing risk of escape of water across the lifecycle of a property, from design and construction through to occupancy. Aqualeak are leak detection specialists, as such the systems we supply will help customers meet the guidance as set out by CIREG. We can also consult with customers to help design and integrate leak detection equipment at both the shell, core and fit-out stages of a project.    

An insurance approved water leak detection system alerts the user to a problem, as well as triggering an important preventative actions. All of this helps to ensure early warning and response to an escape of water incident, enabling it to be addressed in good time. Systems that we have installed have saved customers hundreds of thousands of pounds in insurance claims by identifying problems before they became catastrophic. 

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