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Environmental alarm systems

We have a range of environmental alarms for monitoring over-temperature, humidity and fluid levels:

Environmental alarms

Temp Tek

An entry level, compact over-temperature detection system. Using one or more room temperature sensor, the Temp Tek can be configured to monitor for abnormal temperature activity between 0 - 30°C. When the maximum defined temperature is reached, the Temp Tek immediately goes into an audio-visual alarm. An alert can also be sent to a BMS or other systems, via a changeover relay. The Temp Tek panel can be located in either the room being monitored or externally. 

Example applications: Computer rooms, data storage centres, comms rooms, server rooms and plant rooms

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Temp Tek 2/Temp Tek 4

A compact and economical over-temperature detection system covering two or four separate rooms or zones. The system can be operated from a central point to set an upper and lower temperature band, between 5 - 30°C. When the adjustable temperatures are breached, the system triggers an audio-visual alarm, which specifies which zone has been affected. These devices can also be connected to other alert systems, such as a BMS, or initiate mechanical valves and pumps, via a relay. The panel can be located either in the room being monitored or externally. 

Example applications: Computer rooms, data storage centres, comms rooms, server rooms and plant rooms.

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Environmental alarms - Temp Tek - by Aqualeak


A multi-zone over-temperature detection alarm that can monitor up to 32 individual areas. The OGW can also monitor for over-humidity in critical areas, such as server rooms and data centres. The system can be configured to set and adjust upper and lower temperature and humidity parameters. The OGW monitors temperatures between 5 to 30°C and humidity between 30 – 100%RH. In the event that the temperature or humidity goes above the user-defined maximum, the OGW will immediately go into alarm. This triggers an audio-visual alarm that can indicate which specific zone is affected. Changeover relays also enable the OGW to be connected to other systems, including a BMS and a telephone dialler, to alert that over-temperature has been detected. 

Example applications: Computer rooms, comms rooms, server rooms, data centres and plant rooms where excess temperature will adversely affect the performance of the equipment housed in it. 

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Environmental alarms - OGW - by Aqualeak

SMS Temperature Alarm 

A simple, low-cost single-zone over-temperature detection system that will ensure that the temperature in a cold store or computer room is maintained within the correct limits. Should the temperature exceed the pre-defined limits, the device will send a text message to up to five telephone number to alert the user to the situation. Temperature limits can be set to any temperature between -50°C and 50°C, using an external temperature probe. Text messages can also be tailored to enable recipients to react in an appropriate way, depending on the situation, from anywhere in the world.

Example applications: Freezer cold stores, computer rooms, server rooms, data centres and any environment that requires a controlled temperature environment. 

Environmental alarms - SMS Temp alarms by Aqualeak

Fluid level alarms

Septic Tank Alarms

A SMS-enabled alarm that has four alarm inputs and can be connected to a high-level float switch and pressure switch to detect loss or air blower pressure.  When triggered, the device can send text messages to up to five different telephone numbers. Text messages can be tailored to enable the recipient to react in an appropriate manner depending on the situation, from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the device can be set up remotely, via text message. The SMS alarm panel comes with a built-in mains fail detector and a battery backup that will keep the panel online for up to 48 hours. There is also an optional remote pump reset function and the alarm panel can be supplied with a flashing beacon and klaxon alarms. 

Example applications: Sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and biological treatment plants.

Environmental alarms - Septic tank alarms by Aqualeak

Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) Alarm

An easy-to-install, simple-to-operate SMS text messaging alarm unit, specifically designed for monitoring RBC or similar biological treatment plants. The RBC works in conjunction with rotational sensors and works by counting the number of pulses in an hour. A pre-defined threshold is configured and when it falls below this, the RBC alarm sends a text message to up to five designated telephone numbers. The text messages can be tailored depending on the failure that has been detected. The RBC also has the ability to monitor for rotation failure, high fluid levels and loss of air pressure. The RBC ensures that the plant meets CEN alarm standard requirements. The installation of an RBC alarm can prevent pollution incidents and possible prosecutions.

Example applications: Rotating biological contactor or similar biological treatment plants.

Environmental alarms - rotating biological contactor alarms by Aqualeak

Klaxon/Beacon Alarm

A low-cost, easy-to-install solution developed to provide a loud klaxon and flashing beacon in the event of a failure or high fluid level being detected in a treatment plant, pumping station or storage tank. When attached to a float switch, the alarm will trigger when fluid levels exceed an acceptable limit. When triggered, a 100dB alarm sounds along with a bright xenon flashing beacon. The klaxon alarm is supplied in a weatherproof enclosure with the option to run the device from either mains or solar power, making it suitable for use in remote areas.

Example applications: Septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, oil storage tanks and chemical bunds.

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Environmental alarms - klaxon alarms by Aqualeak
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